Compliance Inspections

As a condition to the registration of any dog with CanineSA, the following criteria shall, among other criteria established from time to time by the Registry, be satisfactorily demonstrated by the dog’s owner:
• The dog must comply with the Official Breed Standard of its breed issued by CanineSA,
• An approved representative of CanineSA will evaluate the dog in terms of the Official Breed Standard for the dog’s breed,
• The dog must be at least one (1) year old to qualify for registration,
• Standing photographs of the front and both side (in colour) must be submitted to CanineSA. Names and birth date must be written on the
back of the photograph with the date of the photograph taken,
• A Veterinary Report is required indicating that the dog is free of any diseases and any visible genetic defects.

Canine Rescue

It often happens that situations and conditions changes and we are forced, whether we like it or not, to find a new home for your best canine friend. The death of a person, financial crises or almost any other situation can put all of us into this very difficult situation. Unfortunately a large number of dogs and other pets are put down each year, as the owner does not know where to turn for help.

CanineSA is as concerned about this as the owner of the affected dog. At the Registry we keep a database of individuals wanting to help with the rescue of dogs in trouble. We try to find a suitable and reliable new home for your best friend.

Please contact us with your particulars if you are looking to place your dog for adoption with the Rescue.

Pro-Forma Contracts

The sample contracts provided within these pages are offered as an aide to the any canine Breeder /Purchaser. These contracts are generic and it is recommended that each canine Breeder/Purchaser modify the contract to suit their own requirements.

Specific guarantees or conditions should be specified in these contracts. These contracts are not prescribed but recommended since it will protect both the canine Breeder and the Purchaser.


These sample contracts are only provided as an aide and do not necessarily contain all the legal provisions to protect the participating parties. If you would like to make sure that all your specific requirements are catered for we would recommend that you consult with an attorney in this regard.

CanineSA does not take any responsibility with regard to the use of the sample contracts. All disputes should be resolved between the participating parties or under the jurisdiction of the local courts.
The following contracts are available for download:
• General Sales Contract
• Stud Service Contract
• Spay/Neuter Contract