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Online Transfers Now Available

Aug 23 2017

Breeders Take Note!

With our new online transfer function a dog can be directly transferred to the new owner. All that is required is the registration number and the PIN number displayed on the original certificate.

Breeders need to take note that if a certificate is issued to a new owner it is like handing a bank card with the PIN number to them. The person in possession of the certificate and PIN can transfer the dog onto their name. No breeder signature or approval is required for transfer - if you hand over the certificate you authorize the transfer to the new owner as well. New owners are allowed to change the dog's name and add details to the certificate like microchip numbers, colour, DNA profiling or medical test results during the transfer process.

After any online transfer the new owner will receive an electronic certificate, confirming their ownership. Certificates are electronically available online to all users (owners or breeders) - you never need to print a certificate again. The original breeder will also receive a complimentary notification of the transfer to ensure your records are updated.