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Sep 20 2017

As part of the Canine Registry’s 20th birthday celebrations we’ve reduced online registrations for all puppies to ZERO.

To benefit from this exciting offer go to to start or register at

This option is only available on our online platform.

Although a puppy registration certificate only reflects 1 generation, your clients will still have the option to buy full 3 or 4 generation certificates online, change the puppy’s name and more without having to bother you!

How could free registrations be sustainable?

“As the largest private canine genealogy registrar in Southern Africa, CanineSA has a well-established community of breeders currently servicing 104 breeds locally and abroad. This scale combined with innovative technologies and automated, around-the-clock certificate issuing, allows us freedom to offer sponsored services to you, our breeders.”, Etienne van der Lith, Chief Executive Officer at Canine Registry (Pty) Ltd said.

Are you still paying for your clients’ transfers?

To date, genealogy service registrars are forcing the breeder to carry all the costs associated with new puppy registrations.

While the breeders are typically paying for the transfer cost to change ownership to the new owner – CanineSA statistics shows that less than 5% of puppies are actually transferred to new owners.  Why do breeders then have to pay for 95% of the transfers that never materialise?

At CanineSA breeders register their puppies for free and new owners that would like to transfer their puppies carries the cost.

Will zero fees stay?

We’ve implemented this change for a limited trial period. To make use of this offer today, visit the CanineSA website or contact us for more information.