Welcome to the Canine Registry!

Where did it all start?

CanineSA has been providing ancestry and genealogy services to canine breeders since 1998. CanineSA currently keeps records of ancestry and genealogy of  106 canine breeds in Southern Africa. The Registry also provides administrative, ancestry and genealogy services to a number of organisations representing and promoting various specific canine breeds in Southern Africa. 

What do we offer that is different?

We offer an easy and effective genealogy service to all canine breeders. We strive to ensure that our services are easily accessible and make use of technology to ensure that the breeders experience is seamless, accurate and without any delays. Some of the features that set us apart from the competition are:

  • Friendly service in Afrikaans and English.
  • We only offer full genealogy service (minimum of 3 generations of parentage).
  • Micro-chipping is not required.
  • We do not require unique names for each puppy.
  • There are no late fees payable.
  • You are not required to submit an entire litter.
  • Litter genealogy certificates are typically issued within three working days of receiving the application.
  • Kennel name registration is once off – no renewal of kennel name is required.
  • Puppy and breeder applications are available on-line.
  • The most cost effective canine genealogy service – guaranteed!


How do I register as breeder with CanineSA?

You can register as breeder by registering as user and then as breeder on our website.  Alternatively you can download our Breeder Application form from our website.  If you have any problems please call or e-mail us for prompt assistance.


Important information and popular misconceptions.

CanineSA would like to declare the following information to all breeders and potential canine owners out there:

  • Participation is on a voluntary basis.
  • CanineSA is not a regulatory body, breed society or registration authority and our main functions relate to keeping accurate records of ancestry and genealogy.  
  • Our genealogy certificates are issued in South Africa in terms of Section 15(4) (a) and (b) of the Animal Improvement Act, 1998 (Act No. 62 of 1998).
  • CanineSA issues  genealogy certificates on behalf of the breeder, based on an application submitted by the breeder. 
  • CanineSA reserve the right to correct or revoke the information on any registration certificate or the certificate as a whole, at any time.
  • CanineSA can not guarantee the ancestry and genealogy information on any certificate as the information is based on information supplied by the breeder.
  • CanineSA do not regularly inspect  breeder's premises or canines.
  • CanineSA does not become involved in any disagreement, argument or dispute between any seller and buyer.
  • The NSPCA/SPCA has sole regulatory functions and CanineSA will provide full cooperation when required to.


What are my responsibilities when I register as breeder with CanineSA?

All registered breeders are required to read, understand and comply with our Code of Ethics (COE). All breeders who are signatory to the COE may be subject to a kennel inspection (with notice) at any time deemed necessary by the Canine Registry and may be subject to penalties and or dismissal,  should substantiated violations or transgressions to the COE be proven. Please read the COE - if you are not willing to subject yourself to the requirements specified in the COE - please don't register as breeder.


Frequently asked questions.

What does it cost to register as breeder?

Prices for the registration as a breeder and reservation of your unique kennel name can be found under our FEES page.

My dogs are not registered with the CanineSA, can I transfer them?

You can transfer dogs not listed with the CanineSA to our database. A copy of the current genealogy certificate should be forwarded to CanineSA and if accepted a new CanineSA genealogy certificate will be issued and send to the owner/breeder. 

What does it cost to transfer my registered dog to the Canine Registry?

Transfer from another approved registration body to CanineSA is currently done free of charge.

Can I retain a Kennel name already registered at another registration body?

Yes you can!  CanineSA recognizes the fact that existing breeders might have registered kennel names and would like to protect their rights and retain these kennel names. CanineSA offers a free reservation of any existing kennel name, even if the breeder does not make use of our services.

Can breeder restrictions be lifted if I transfer a canine to CanineSA?

No.  If a canine’s registration certificate has been endorsed with a breeder’s restriction, it cannot be lifted unless we receive an original request, in writing, from the breeder of that specific puppy.

What is CanineSA's position on animal cruelty?

CanineSA condemns any form of cruelty to animals. If allegations made against any breeder registered with CanineSA, are found to be true, CanineSA will take action against the breeder. CanineSA promotes responsible breeding of healthy well-adjusted puppies and urges members of the public to assist in curbing unacceptable breeding conditions by ensuring that they visit the premises of the breeder & check the environment in which the puppy was raised.

How do I protect myself when buying a puppy?

CanineSA recommends that all buyers demand a general sales contract with the purchase of any puppy.  The signing of a general sales agreement is a general practice to ensure that both you and the breeder are protected and eliminates future hassle.  A responsible breeder should not have any objections in signing a general sales contract and should in fact insist on it.  Please find a pro-forma copy of a general sales agreement in the section - Downloadable Forms, if your breeder does not have a copy.  

Can I register a dog that were not previously registered?

Unfortunately CanineSA is a closed register and only dogs that are already registered and have a full three generation genealogy are allowed to be registered.